ClimbTech is the industry leader in design and manufacturing of innovative anchoring equipment and hardware for Fall Protection, Rope Access, Mining, Construction and Rock Climbing.

Twenty seven years ago, two avid rock climbers from California with a knack for innovation saw a need for new climbing equipment technology, and they made their ideas a reality.  In 1998, these climbers realized their spring loaded caming anchors, originally developed for the mountains, were ideal for industrial applications.  They were viewed specifically as a revolutionary alternative to the dated and cumbersome Fall Protection anchor systems for concrete available at the time.

Today, ClimbTech’s innovative anchor solutions have achieved a global reputation for dependability, strong customer service and continuing innovation. And, with contractors and climbers sharing success stories made possible by ClimbTech products, ClimbTech continues to grow. An online store,, gives rope access professionals and rock climbers direct access to a line of products that are the standard in the fall protection and industrial safety industry.

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