Innovative Solutions for
the Tower Climber

Introducing our new line of tower + utility products designed specifically to help you climb more confidently and work more efficiently.


The FreeTech™ Harness is an H style fall protection harness that utilizes a unique SwitchPoint™ System to improve the comfort and mobility of a suspended worker in a post-fall scenario.

LINX Cable Hook

An innovative new breed in hook technology; The LINX combines the usability of a snap hook and the security of a wire rope sling to connect you where others fall short.

Made in the USA

With Austin, Texas as our home we are proud to be able to manufacture our products right here in the USA. You’ll always know who’s designing and making your gear and you’ll know where to find us.

Wood Truss Anchor

Connects to the underside of a roof truss to provide fall protection in spaces where adequate anchorage points are difficult to locate.

Climb Safe

We at ClimbTech feel it is in the best interest for our customers to be informed on the precautious practice of product disinfection. Click the button to download our cleaning guide.

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Light is right with the new LINX
Y Lanyard by ClimbTech.

Overstock Products

MEGA Swivel 10K Anchor

$25.00 - $85.00


Featured Products

3/4″ Toggle Lok Anchor




Wire Rope Sling- Swivel End

$45.00 - $50.00


3/4″ Removable Anchor




Message from ClimbTech

A New Generation of Safety

I love solving problems! It’s fun. From an early age I built many projects with my dad in his machine shop and was fascinated with the idea of making something better. That curiosity of what “could be” is forever instilled in me and it’s what drives Climbtech in our work to identify real problems and imagine solutions that save lives.

We believe there is a way to fundamentally change the approach to product development in order to create a safer way to work at heights. We understand that real people’s lives are at risk and we’re dedicated to making sure we create products that help them get home safely every day. Just saving one life can make it all worth it.

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