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Global leader in fall protection solutions and innovation

ClimbTech is the industry leader in design and manufacturing of innovative anchoring equipment and hardware for Rope Access, Construction and Climbing.

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3/4″ Toggle Lok Anchor




3/4″ Removable Anchor




Message from ClimbTech

A New Generation of Safety

I love solving problems! It’s fun. From an early age I built many projects with my dad in his machine shop and was fascinated with the idea of making something better. That curiosity of what “could be” is forever instilled in me and it’s what drives Climbtech in our work to identify real problems and imagine solutions that save lives.

We believe there is a way to fundamentally change the approach to product development in order to create a safer way to work at heights. We understand that real people’s lives are at risk and we’re dedicated to making sure we create products that help them get home safely every day. Just saving one life can make it all worth it.

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