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Our Story

Innovating the Climb

Our passion
is climbing.

Thirty years ago, two avid rock climbers from California with a knack for innovation saw a need for new climbing equipment technology, and the RB Anchor was born. Years later they realized their spring loaded mountain climbing anchors were ideal for industrial applications as an alternative to the cumbersome fall protection anchor systems for concrete available at the time. Climbtech has been improving the equipment climbers use for work and sport ever since.

Our mission
is saving lives.

According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) four of the top ten most dangerous jobs in the USA all have one thing in common…work at heights. Designing products that make your work safer is the core of everything we do. For Climbtech better is always possible, and better always means more lives saved.

Our objective
is innovation.

The work you do is dangerous, and we believe it deserves the best gear imaginable. With this conviction, ClimbTech has become the industry leader in design and manufacturing of innovative anchoring equipment and hardware for Tower & Utility, Rope Access, Construction and Sport Climbing. And we’re just getting started.

With Austin, Texas as our home we are proud to be able to manufacture our products right here in the USA. You’ll always know who’s designing and making your gear and you’ll know where to find us.