1/2″ Removable Anchor




SKU: RAF050N-000-CTS

Product Description

The 1/2″ RB is a flagship product at ClimbTech. Its unique design is a cam for bolt holes, enabling access to overhung terrain where no other options are available ground-up. Ideal users are bolters seeking to create routes in the most demanding overhung terrain. Fully removable and therefore minimizing impact. 


-New and improved cleaning brush
-Easy installation and removal
-Breaking Strength: 2,500-lbf /11kN




  • Weight: 0.25 lb

5 reviews

Critical Piece of Gear

Posted by Judd on November 15, 2014

I use these at work for everything from establishing new climbing routes, to building via ferratas, and hauling huge boulders out of the river after a major flood. The design is simple yet extremely strong/secure. I have found that a nail punch is the best solution for removal after loading. (I’ve used keys and sticks before though with minor success!)

I only have minor issues with the removal. If set hard, you sometimes need two hands to remove (one to hold nail punch while the other is pulling on the trigger). This is especially inconvenient for routes that traverse a blank wall.

Another issue with removal is mainly user error. If the removable bolt gets pushed to the back of the hole and then set hard, there is no clean way to remove. One way to avoid this is to drill the holes deep enough so it physically cannot reach the back. Out of more than 1,000 holes though, I have only lost one removable bolt to this issue.

Awesome product!!

A Must Have Piece of Gear!!

Posted by Christopher Gibson on August 26, 2014

Setting routes in the world’s tallest indoor climbing gym is no easy task, but with the Climb Tech Removable Bolt positioning just got a whole lot easier. The removable bolt is easy to use with the thumb loop trigger simalar to using a BD Cam and is as easy to extract and has no problem holding me and my gear.

useful tool

Posted by chris and aly on June 3, 2014

These come in handy for temporary anchors when setting up new routes. Cool design, nothing else like it.


Posted by David on May 10, 2014

Super handy for putting a route up from the ground up.

Still in progress

Posted by piz : ) on February 4, 2014

Just used it at the house (in the boulders that i use my drill battery up on. I made sure that i wont get them stuck while bolting routes, but that action has been good.
simple to use and clean.