3/4″ Multi-Use Removable Concrete Anchor





Product Description

3/4″ Multi-Use Removable Concrete Anchor – Part #: RAM075N



ClimbTech’s Removable Anchors are developed for both climbing and industrial applications. They’re safe, lightweight, and surprisingly simple to employ. They have a long list of benefits above competitive products. A few include:

Ease of use – simply drill the proper size hole into your concrete or rock surface, blow the dust out and insert the unit.

Multi-directional attributes – RB anchors work in horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces.

Reusability – when your job is done, simply fill in the drilled hole if necessary and reuse at your new desired location.

Multi-Industry – ClimbTech’s RB Anchors can be used for rescue, height access, climbing, and many other applications. 

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  • Weight: 0.5 lb

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