FreeTech Plus





Product Description

The FreeTech Plus series harness is the plush padded harness you’ve been waiting for. The H-Style design and cobra style buckles make it easy to don and doff and adjusted for the perfect fit. With a rich blend of closed cell foam for even weight distribution and open celled foam of maximum comfort, you’ll feel at home in your favorite recliner with this harness. The key support element of this harness is how the hip supports the load, much like a backpacking pack chassis. Ample areas to clip tools, coupled with an add on bosun style seat, you’ll have all the comfort and function of any of the top selling harnesses on the market.


Let’s not forget the Switch Point system too, this is designed to help alleviate suspension trauma in a fall. This patented feature enables the worker to deploy a system that transfers the load from the dorsal d-ring required by ANSI to a more comfortable hanging point in the front of the harness found more commonly in a rope access style harness. Meaning that the worker can hang in relative comfort after a fall while awaiting rescue.



  • Weight: 7.75 lb

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