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Product Description

Rock bolt hanger for climbing protection and belay, rescue, and rigging work; passivated 304 stainless steel provides long life. 

We recommend using a 3/8″ hanger with 3/8″ sleeve bolt or using 1/2″ sleeve bolt but simply removing the washer entirely. This is recommended because Powers 1/2” bolt washers are large and won’t fit flush against the curvature of the hangers. 13mm stainless hangers for use in climbing gyms and with 1/2″ wedge anchors only (do not use with 1/2″ sleeve bolts)


-Smooth inside edges don’t damage carabiners
-Clip-in point big enough to accomadate 2 carabiners
-Dull matte finish to reduce visibility for a distance
-CE/UIAA approved.


  • Weight: 0.15 lb

7 reviews

Great Hanger, Consistent Quality

Posted by Keith on July 24, 2020

I like these hangers for their consistent quality. Both the inside and outside edges are slightly rounded so they don’t take a bite out of a carabiner when fallen on or loaded. Quality control seems high, as every hanger is identical. I keep coming back for more.

An all around good bolt hanger

Posted by Tommy Shifflett on February 19, 2016

These hangers are used for rope anchors, re-directs, rebelays, and tension traverses in the exploration of the Huautla System, deepest cave system in the Western Hemisphere. The ClimbTech stainless steel hanger are lightweight but yet reliably strong for all kinds of anchor use as noted. The provide ample room for clipping a carabiner with a quick link already attached for rebelays and at the anchor.

Great bolt hangers

Posted by Thomas Shifflett on January 1, 2015

The bolt hangers were used for a caving expedition. The hangers are both light and appear strong compared to others that I have used. I have used much heavier and likely stronger bolt hangers but always felt they were overkill, especially for caving where weight becomes a very important factor because of the awkward conditions (climbing, crawling, etc.) where one must haul this equipment. I recommend them highly for caving use.

Great Bolt Hanger

Posted by Mark Minton on October 29, 2014

Nice bolt hanger at a great price. Great for general rigging, and being stainless means they’ll last essentially forever when used with a stainless bolt. My only complaint is that the opening is a little small for bolt climbing where one needs to clip two or more carabiners into the hanger simultaneously.

Perfect for cave exploration

Posted by Tommy on May 10, 2014

These stainless steel hangers are perfect for cave rigging and aid climbing as they are compact and light, non-corrosive, and strong enough to feel confident in their use. I highly recommend them.

Co-leader of the 2014 PESH expedition.


Posted by David on May 10, 2014

Fantastic sport hanger the new dull finish blends in great with the rock even without painting it.

Good bolt hangers

Posted by Nathan on December 23, 2013

I’ve used several hundred of these hangers (as well as just about every other brand) and I like them the best right now. They orient well in the rock and have a compact yet durable design. I only wish that had a dull finish and weren’t so shiny.