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Product Description

Our Super Light Oval Carabiner offers the same form and function as all our carabiners, with an easy key-lock nose. It’s great for guiding on big walls.

–      78g, 25kN

–      Certification: CE

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  • Weight: 0.25 lb

2 reviews

A Carabiner for Re-Directs

Posted by Tommy Shifflett on February 19, 2016

We use the ClimbTech oval carabiner for re-directs in the exploration of the Huautla System, deepest cave system in the Western Hemisphere. Re-directs are use in deep pits for keeping the rope away from rubbing on the rock as one descends down the pit. The carabiners work well in this function by the rope running smoothly through the carabiner, and easy to clip on and back off the rope.

Super Light Oval Carabiner great for redirects

Posted by Thomas Shifflett on January 1, 2015

The carabiners were used on a caving expedition for use as redirects. A redirect is used to keep a rappel rope from rubbing on the rock as one descends. These carabiners worked great for this use by the gates opening easy with plenty of clearance for taking on and off a rope, and while under tension.