Easy Slider Beam Walker for 12″-30″ Steel I-Beam



SKU: BWA030B-000-CTS

Product Description

A removable and reusable sliding I-beam anchor, easy to place and remove. This anchor is designed to easily glide along the beam while trailing the worker. 

D-ring is centered on the anchorage connector for ease of sliding on beam flanges. Particularly in rope access applications, bodyweight may disengage the centering feature in some loading conditions. This is not a safety concern, but it may affect usability.

-ANSI Z359.18,  ANSI Z359.7, OSHA 1910.66, OSHA 1926.502 compliant
-Static Tensile Strength: 5,000-lbf/22kN
-Beam Flange Width Range: 12″-30″
-Beam Flange Thickness: .25″-2.5″
-Single user maximum capacity of 310lbs 
-Working Load: 1,000lbs
-Aluminum Cross Bar
-Bronze Clamps
-Stainless Steel D-Ring Bracket
-Zinc Plated Steel D-Ring
Zinc Plated Steel Spring, Hardware


  • Weight: 7.85 lb

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