Mining Anchor – MEGA 10K – Multi-Use



Product Description

MEGA 10K Mining Anchor – Multi-Use, available in 39mm or 47mm


10,000 lbs / 44 kN

Key Features: The MEGA Swivel 10K Mining Anchor utilizes combined technology of our MEGA Swivel 10K and our RB Anchors. It’s designed solely for friction rock bolt insertion.  Applications include underground mining & tunneling. Available in 39mm and 47mm for Multi-Use purposes such as: 

  • Single Point Anchor & Horizontal Lifelines
  • General Anchoring for ventilation systems, lights, etc. 
  • Anchor point for equipment maintenance & lifting

Also known as a Friction Rock Anchor, suitable for use in a roof control system with “mickey” anchors.


  • Weight: 1.5 lb

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